Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In-Ear Stereo Earbuds (3.5mm Metallic Orange)

Price: $2.85

- Excellent attenuation of ambient noise 
- Extremely small and lightweight 
- Come with spare Ear buds and Versatile ear buds fit comfortably in your   ears 
- In-ear designed

Dimensions: 0 in x 0 in x 0 in
Weight: 0.85 oz

Great price/quality ratio

Involvement:General (knows how to use it) - Ownership:more than 1 month
Ease of Use:starstarstarstar
Build Quality:starstarstarstarstar

- The price, for under three dollars you won't find anything with that price
and as good as this.
- The looks, the earphones look really solid and have a lot of metallic in it,
a sturdy 3.5mm plug feels nice and looks like it doesn't brake very easily.
 - Sound is ok, you just need to put them in your ears a certain way.
- They come with two extra pairs of spear buds so you can change them
if they worn out!
- The durability of these earphones are better than apple ones,
the only weakness could be the cable which feels a bit cheapy.
- The cable is way to short, I also don't like that one earphone is shorter than the other,
 but others like that.
- The sound again, it's hard getting them in a position they give good sound try to
put them in a way they give a nice sound, putting them too far in your ears the bass
 will dominate the rest of the music, but putting them too far away from your ears will
give you a weak sound quality.
Just a nice earphone for a low price, if you wan't a good quality one you certainly
 need to pay a lot more than this, for music this thing does the trick well enough. 

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  1. Yea I never understood the whole style of one phone being on a shorter cord, but they do seem pretty nice for being so cheap.