Friday, March 18, 2011

Stainless Steel Odor Remover

Price: $2.55

- Unique stainlees steel material.
- Magically removes odors from your hands (Garlic,Onion,Fish,Peppers etc.)
- Perfect gift for the cook in your home!
- Lifetime use (Will never wear out)
- Simply rub the product between your hands under running water.

Dimensions: 2.52 in x 1.77 in x 0.67 in
Weight: 1.48 oz
100% It does work!

Ease of Use:starstarstarstarstar
Build Quality:starstarstarstarstar
Overall Rating:starstarstarstarstar

I can only say that it was a surprise to me seeing how well it work. 
It`s the size of a small soap, and seems to last forever. Well made, 
easy to use. Just rub your hands against it under water the same 
way as it would be a real soap. Used it many times after onion, 
garlic etc while cooking and my hands don't smell at all. 
not really. maybe it could be a bit larger. 
Other Thoughts:
Looks almost like a smaller soap. fits nice in the hands. 
Does the job as it is advertised. Buy it, it's very good for the price. 

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  1. How can a piece of metal remove the smell of onions and fish from my hands? I am intrigued.