Friday, March 18, 2011

Pistol BB Gun Toy

Price: $19.86

- Constructed by hard plastic
- Loads widely available 6mm BB plastic bullets
- Comes with around 150 BB bullets, 200V EU AC charger, 4*AAA batteries (1.2V/350mAh), battery charging station, cleaning stick, chinese and english manual
Dimensions: 7.36 in x 5.47 in x 1.3 in
Weight: 19.35 oz

Looks like a real pistol
Ease of Use:starstarstarstarstar
Build Quality:starstar
Overall Rating:starstarstarstarstar

It looks like a real gun and comes with rechargeable bateries, charger and 
many "bullets". There are two operation modes: semi or fully and an extra 
trigger for security reasons. The shot is precise and the price is ok. 
- It works only with bateries inside. 
- The charger has a bad build quality. Mine loose a spring at the
 first day. 
- After several uses, a "bullet" get strucked into the gun and
 I had to disassembly it, broking the gun. 
Other Thoughts:
It's easy to get the bullets stuck into. To avoid that, don't do fast moviments 
with the gun loaded. 
Don't point to human beings or animals, it can hurts. Besides, take care 
while you shot at the walls, the "bullet" could turn over and hit your eye. 
Although the problems, I would buy again. It's a nice toy for a good price, 
considering that comes with charger and rechargeable batteries. 


  1. I have that gun, except mine gray and black

  2. I think that looking like a real gun should be a con, Police might not ask if it's real. Perhaps I'm just being overly cautious.

  3. It's fully auto, too? Fuckyeah.jpg
    Cool blog idea, btw. follow'd ;)

  4. fuckyeah.jpg indeed. Many a Gatorade bottle will fall to this, ha.

  5. Can I legally have that shipped to USA?